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Non O/D (3.27) GT6


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Hello all.

Just been browsing for cars, was ideally looking for one with overdrive due to the mileage I want to do with it.

One has come up for sale which is non-overdrive with a 3.27 diff.

My question is, how useable will this be at motorway speeds. Does anyone have this setup and have experience of motorway miles?

Not sure on it as it needs a bit of work and it isn't the best time for me, but it is the right colour and MK (MK2) so thought it worth asking.

Cheers in advance.


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Cool. Cheers guys. I won't rule it out due to this then.

Yeah aware the bodywork is the main thing to look out for, just didn't fancy the added price of overdrive if I found it unbearable on the motorway/dual carriageway(s).

Out of interest any idea what sort of RPM it would be roughly at 70mph for a MK2 with this ratio? I know there are a few other factors but just roughly.

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The 3.27 are total crap, would not touch them with a barge pole.
get the car bowt, and I,ll give ye a GOOD 3.89 in its spot.
Straight swap, can even fetch it to me shed to be changed, free of charge.

noo ye cant get a better offer than that noo can ye,(whistle)(whistle)


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Looking for another 3.27 as a spare then Marcus  ;D

I have a 3.27 diff and overdrive in my MK3 gt6, nice long legs on the motorway but acceleration suffers a bit through the gears.
I did help this out by modifying my gearbox to also have overdrive on 2nd gear but that's another discussion altogether.

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Triumph fitted the 3.27 as standard for cars with overdrive in the German market, possibly for longer legs on the autobahn.


Completely OK for the most part, but I did destroy the original one with my car.
Check your differential oil frequently!

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