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Replacing my rocker cover


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Evening all.

Was thinking to replace my Rocker Cover, picture attached with the one in the hyperlink


just want to confirm if is like for like and if i should watch for anything nasty.


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It'll go on, most probably. My 4-pot one won't fit my car as the head's been skimmed and has long screws on the rocker shaft.

Also, the gaskets aren't really designed to work with those. You'll need to glue it to the cover or wear a gag-ball to protect neighbours from swearing as you try to fit it. You can get silicone ones from America. Not sure if they're sold here yet?

Paint is cheaper and can look better.

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Will most like ly have to chamfer the frunt  fins back 2 inches, as it may well catch the bonnet,

you can make your own gasket frae silly con,  

or just glue the gasket you got noo, to the engine, so that when you lif the rocker box, the gasket stops at the engine,

there is no grove for the gasket to sit, so a new gasket is going to be a pain to set right,
thats why i said your old yan, as its already the shape you want

plus these things are ALOT heavier than the thing you got noo,


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Your engine now has the late-ish valve cover/breather setup.  Get one like it, paint it the OEM silvery color (Ford Argent).

It will look brighter & OEM, which always is cool, the color will match the air filter cover, and the top will close and gaskets will fit.

There were 3 valve covers, of two designs (#3 is chromed).  Their difference had to do with the valve cover breather setup involving the emissions valve, carbs, & the oil cap with/without breather which I had all figured out once but have forgotten now.  If what you've got now works, go with that!

GT6+ (emissions-controlled US version of the Mk2)


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If you're going to clean up your existing rocker cover, be very careful of sand (grit) blasting or chemical stripping - if you have a cover with an internal baffle, especially one with a coarse wire filter in it, then it can retain a lot of the grit and chemicals. Just the king of stuff you don't want in your engine?
The modified covers are here http://www.canleyclassics.com/?xhtml=xhtml/product/alloyrockercovers.html&xsl=product.xsl be super careful with alloy rocker covers on a GT6, it's really fight under the bonnet and a few mm too tall will mean you'll put a tit in the bonnet top when you close it - ask me how I know!

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