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Problem fitting full width radiator


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I've just been trying to fit a new full width rad to my Spitfire. Has anyone else had clearance problems with these?

It seems to be slightly too tall, as the filler neck hits the bonnet even without the cap fitted. The rad cannot go any lower as it is already touching the 2 bolts that hold the cradle onto the chassis brackets and is also fouling the horn bracket bolts. Another problem is that the top hose stub is about an inch lower than the one on the thermostat housing, and there's no way a top hose is going to fit between them, even accounting for the hose being a concertina-flexible one.

Checking it against the original rad, the header tank top is not sloping forwards, and the filler neck is vertical rather than angled forwards at about the same angle as the surface of the bonnet. It's this which appears to cause the fouling on the bonnet underside. Also, the top hose stub is not angled upwards as it is on the original rad.

Looking through the grille I can see that the original rad has about 1/4" inch clearance; the new full width one is about 1/4" too high.

Is this an isolated example or have others had similar experiences?

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I had trouble as well on my Mk3.

Used the cross head dexion racking bolts with the top filed down a bit and then elongated the mount holes to get the rad to sit on the bolt heads.

Relocated the horn mounts as well I think.

I have a couple of mm gap from the cap to the bonnet.

Lastly I cut 1 wing off the rad cap.



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