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Why was the Stag not called a TR

Martins Stag

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There is a very nice magazine out in WH Smiths and it goes through all the TR's and documents them. One thought that sprung to mind is I know how the Stag got its name but was there ever any thought of calling it a TR?

I suppose you could say that it is not a sports car and it is a four seater and therefore does not fit with being a TR. It was on sale at the same time as the TR6 too. Or was the Stag being pitch as above the TR's?

Any thoughts



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The Stag was not sold as a sports car, more of a grand tourer. 

Add to that, prior to the TR7, the TRs all changed either running gear or body from the previous model, not both. So there was a passing in of genes. Of course, 70's BL changed all that.

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