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Leaf spring buttons


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I know this question has probably been asked before but I can't find it.
Does anyone know where I can get the teflon buttons to fit into my rear leaf spring on my Mk3 Spitfire?
Various suppliers can supply the rubber ones but I'd like teflon/nylon.
I can get them from ebay from America for about £30 inc postage but I'm sure there must be a place in England I can get them !
I know I can get teflon rods but I haven't got access to a lathe to work them down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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http://www.hobbyplastic.co.uk/materials-8-c.asp for stock.
I'm working on this myself.  Rubber buttons are 20mm dia, but triumphspitfire.nl use 30mm
I have just received 20mm bar and, while I will be able to do it - I would recommend 25mm minimum.  BTW, I am using nylon as the economy route.

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As nylon does not compress 25mm dia will not seat in the recess.
I use 21dia x 5mm thick. i get my bar lengths from www.directplasticsonline.co.uk they have any number of plastics and PTFE.
I use on both swing spring and roto. Make the friction faces of the spring as smooth as possible (especially on swing spring) and treat surfaces with water resistant grease (I use Aqua-Sil from Rocol). Wrap with tape and 'jobsa goodun'.

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No, the leaves are perfectly flat and there's no evidence of anything that used to sit between the leaves.  Admittedly I've only managed to get the top 3 leaves off set far, but on the other one that hasn't been taken apart yet the recesses/buttons are clearly visible.

Aside from buttons/recesses the two springs are identical in size, curvature and fixings.

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I used this on my swinger, cut them into approx 1 cm lengths and used a file to taper the edge on one side to seat in the spring with a blob of silicone sealant/glue just to hold them in place, then used a silicone based spray grease to ease slide....sorted and look the same as installed 2 years on  :)


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The rubber buttons flex in shear, lowering the friction inherent in a leaf spring. PTFE it turns out, is the wrong material. It may have a reputation as the lowest friction substance but apparently it doesn't do well in this application. PVC is much better and oil-loaded PVC better still. Look in Mr. RadioSpares emporium. (Other emporiums exist ... etc.)

The Spitfire.nl buttons are way too thick I think. 5mm heads may be OK for bringing a severely sagging spring back to life. I reduced that figure to 1.5mm and even that might raise the back a bit thick with a good spring compared to rubber buttons.


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