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Uneven Camber On Rear Wheels

Straight Six

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it could be a tired spring,relaxed more one side than the other due to old age
or it could be due to settled bushes in the diff mountings.the energy that goes into the leafspring has to transfer somewhere and that is through the diff casing and its mountings ie rubber bushes.
a small deformation of the bushes will exaggerate any unevenness of the spring eyes side to side.
also poor lubrication of the leaves can cause problems and ridges can form where the leaves rub against each other affecting the whole efficiency of the spring.

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Thanks for the replies. We had the spring out yesterday and it is brand new (not sure when it was fitted as my friend has only just bought the car, but the spring looks like it has just come out of the box). The drive shafts are the same length - first thing I checked - and the trunnions appeared to be ok but I will have a much closer look as I only gave them a cursory check. One thing that was strange was the fact that the previous owner had fitted one brand new shock absorber on one side but not the other, but I can't see how a shock can make any difference to the ride height.

As I alluded to in my first post, it did strike me that with the vertical links removed the off side rear spring eye sat lower to the ground than the near side one.

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