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GT6 Mk2 rear dampers


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Asking on behalf of a friend, I try to avboid any involvement with rotoflex on my own cars:

He's trying to get a set of Koni rear dampers for a GT6 Mk2, but they've been difficult to get hold of. Is there anywhere he can obtain them off the shelf?
Alternatively, what about Avo's?

Any suggested sources, part numbers etc would be very helpful,


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The Koni Catalogue I managed to download from the interweb a few years pack has two part numbers listed:-   GT 6 (all) (Rear shock: 1/2” bolt; 14” - 9 1/2” travel range) 69-73  80-2089 (Special order thats what the + means in the notes collumn) or (Rear shock: 5/8” bolt; 12” - 9 5/8” travel range) 80-1389.

Canleys show Koni's for Rotoflex cars as out of stock but available to order but they are £210 a pair!!!

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1903 wrote:
How to the various dampers compare?
What order would you put them in in order of performance and adjustablilty?
Does that sound right?
I've got Spax on there now, should I change them to Konis?

I think you've come in just arter everyone has fallen to the floor in exhaustion over discussing preferred shock absorbers.
If you plug in "koni" in the search box, you'll probably pull up some of the threads.

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