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Quick question for you guys,

Is it possible to remove the engine from the top? All three manuals I have give instructions for dropping the engine down after removing the front suspension, but make no mention of why it cannot come up?

I would prefer to remove upwards if possible, however if it has to go down, then down it will go!



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In a properly equipped (dealership) workshop, removing from underneath is a lot easier. To take it out upwards needs the gearbox detached first, unless you're going to do what the Stag WSM suggests and raise the back end of the car four feet into the air to get the right exit angle.

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My bit of chain and a chain block has done the trick for me several times, mostly Triumph 2500's,but  including a Hillman Hunter motor and auto box attached.

I did however make up a frame out of RHS which is bolted to the floor and is removable (my shed is fairly small)


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