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Dolly Sprint engine number Help


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Hi all
Please help i am having trouble locating the engine number on a dolly sprint engine.
Excuse my ignorance.
I have owned a few triumphs before with no problems, spitty mk1v, 2000mk1 and 11 but with this engine in situ it doesn't seem so easy. Looking down onto the block from above the carbs on the right i can see a pot rivetted plate with a few numbers on it. RTC2453R   006337T DBB033. I have no idea what these are.
As i understand i am looking for a VA number Please Help.

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Under the carbs on the horizontal bit in the area of that pop riveted bit you describe that is actually part of the casting!  

You are looking for letters/numbers actually stamped into the smooth cast face, take a wire brush to it and it should appear!

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Thank you.
I shall take a look if this rain ever stops, its done nothing else since i purchased this car.
You say numbers and letters, i am told it will start with VA then six numbers and maybe a couple more letters, i do hope this is correct.
I hope it will all become apparent once it apears.
Thanks again.

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