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GT6 Spin on filter with oil cooler hose take offs

Tim Bancroft

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Coudl anyone with a mocal kit fitted to their GT6 please show their installation.

My old kit that I bought 20 years ago is leaking, I reckon the spacer block (I use the original oil filter bowl type with a spacer fitted) is cracked and I need to replace with a mocal spin on kit.

Need to see what angles I can mount the oil filter at, this will dictate the angle the hoses come off the spin on housing.

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Have you ever replaced the seals between the adaptor plate and the block?  20 years is a long time.....

Spin on adaptor is probably a good move in any case.

This reminds me that the seal fitted between my spin-on adaptor and the block was fitted 20 years ago....  :B

Don't have oil cooler pipe on mine - sorry!


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Many a time, its weird I just cannot find the leak, but oil is flowing out. Bothe big seals have been changed and I have put copper washers onto the bolt that passes through the centre of the hoses.

I cannot mount the oil filter sticking up at 2 o'clock, this will mean the hoses come out at about 4 o'clock. Think I will mount the filter at about 7 and put hoses on that have 15 degree outlets on?

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Oh I have a few items to work on.

Interior from Newton.
389 diff swap with newish 1/2 shafts
Digital ignition system with electronic tach and shift light.
Remote oil system and updated valve and crank venting stuff.

Have some fun... Had some dirty thoughts recently about racing again, but they are on hold.

Actively getting ready for vintage racing so not more money into the GT6. I will either be running a GT6 or Datsun 510.


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