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Gt6 mk3 ignition switch position

lincoln imp 6

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Hi, the ignition switch on my '72 is on the dash to the right of the wiper switch, I don't have a steering lock. I find this not the best of positions, the rest of the keys on my key ring tend to catch on the wiper switch. Once I managed to turn off the ignition when using the wipers!
Is it just me or does anybody else have this trouble?  I have not seen a photo of another mk3 with the switch on the dash.     Any comments?   thanks  John

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Well, the MkIII GT6 and the Spitfire MkIV have the steering lock because it became a legal requirement in 1970 for all new cars to have them. This was enacted by parliment due to pressure from the insurance companies who were losing a lot of money through stolen cars.

At a guess a previous owner either did not like the switch position (it is in a bit of a sod place to access with the seat belt on) or the lock broke and they could not find a replacement one.

If you want you should be able to reverse this (so long as the column was not swapped out for an earlier one). Locks and mechanisms apear on eBay, and I can pm you one S/H supplier who helped us with a broken MkIII GT6 lock.

If your UK based you are at risk of either an MOT failure, depends how 'anal' the tester is or of your insurers rejecting a 'theft of car' claim if they could prove that a lock was not fitted.

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maybe but...............

The MOT inspection of the steering lock only applies to passenger cars with:

. a steering lock fitted as standard by the manufacturer, and

. four or more wheels, and

. not more than 8 passenger seats excluding the driver’s seat, and


The check does not apply to quadricycles.

If there is doubt as to whether a steering lock was originally fitted, the benefit of the doubt should be given.

It is acceptable for a steering lock to be removed if it has been replaced with another immobilisation device.

Some electronic steering locks, generally on vehicles with keyless ignition systems, will only activate when the driver’s door is opened/closed.


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Thank you both for the info, I always suspected that the position of my switch was not original. The car had a new MOT when I bought the car with a clean pass, 6 months ago.
I am thinking about moving the switch to the end of the dash, just need something to fill the hole.


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