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electronic ignition


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looking at an electronic ignition setup as it made a huge difference to my Rebel.
I have seen the accuspark on Egay for £30 but is that too cheap or has anyone tried it and found it good?
Also there is another kit from hotspark, so say bankrupt stock at £19, looks the same kit but is it? again, any thoughts

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Never heard of Accuspark or Hotspark, so cannot say whether or not they are any good.  However the prices look suspiciously cheap!

The Aldon ignitor, by Pertronix, is currently popular.  I've heard no bad reports and good service too.  Cost upwards of £100 in the UK.


Whatever you go for though, carry a spare set of new points and a condensor etc wherever you go, plus the tools to fit them.  They might be crap, but they will get you home if the electonic ignition packs up.

Steve H

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Back in mid 80s I found a Mobelec Magnum electronic ignition system on a crashed GT6 in my local scrappie. Secured for a very few pounds, I fitted it to my own GT6 with excellent results, much smoother running and less pinking.... my distributor was 100k old by this time. Ran it like this for years including a trip to Italy. Toured all through France, through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Florence and back.

Then car wouldn't start coming off the ferry at Portsmouth. Had to be pushed off the ship (feeling a bit dissapointed), but then fitted the old points and condenser and static timed with a bulb, wires and crocodile clips (carried for this very eventuality) and drove home.

Sent the system back to Mobelec for a diagnosis....nothing to loose. A package came back a few weeks later, with a note saying intermittent fault, lifetime guarantee, here's a new unit. Well pleased!! Unit has run faultlessly ever since and is still in the car to this day.... I would still carry the spares though !!

Ian F  :)

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MarkDeTriomphe wrote:
Not heard of either of the makes you mentioned.  However, I have fitted an electronic ignition kit from Simon BBC (http://www.simonbbc.com/electronic-ignitions)  and this works very well - seems very similar to more expensive kits but costs less than £25.  

So, I would not be put off just by the price.

Now have 2 cars fitted with a Simonbbc kit, no problems, very easy to fit and a good price too.

Just check the prices of the bundles, I found it was cheaper, by about a quid, to buy the bits separately, rather then in one of his bundles!


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I have had a simonbbc setup in my 2.5 Vit for a couple of years and it hasn't missed a beat with two 2000 mile trips to the Alps included.

The 1st set he sent were faulty though but he replaced them immediately. I had wired them up back to front but he didn't think that was the cause - honest guy (both of us!) That was when I found the coil had always been wired back to front :-/

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Simon sells on the bay too :)
I did see the ignition and coil package, he also does a new dizzy with the ignition fitted. My only reservation is if it breaks down I can't put the points back in, but is that out weighed by a non worn dizzy?

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If you have a worn dizzy then replacing it with an unworn one will make a huge difference.  

My dizzy seems OK and the car runs beautifully on points with almost no maintenance which is why I'm reluctant to change anything.  However I would like to fit a new coil..............

Another thing which puts me off is that everyone I know who has fitted electronic ignition has suffered a failure of the electronic parts at some point (including those who've fitted 123 systems) so the ability to fit points to get you home could certainly prove useful...................

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It is indeed Alec, with a feed direct from the fuse box, and hence no probs with a 6v coil.
All that is in the distributor is an 'optronic eye' which is a beam of light between two points, and a six bladed 'chopper' which interferes with that beam. Works well too, although I do carry the points and condensor to convert back in the event of a failure.


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