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Quoted from Raider
Does anyone know if there is a way of people at home tracking where we are?

Something like an app on my mobile for example which my wife could log on to.

This would make those we leave behind feel part of the event

But when you get lost, like sometimes you do, readers will see this wiggly line going around in circles...all over Europe...

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The tracker software can be data hungry, so not suitable for some (many) mobile contracts.

Might be worthi getting a "3" SIM card and add a tenner upgrade to make it use the UK data allocation abroad. Covers some countries you are likely to visit.

Fiver a day for a roaming "all you ca eat" pass for the other countries

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Something I'm looking at for the new website is location tagging and mapping of mobile uploaded content, images and MMS messages etc.
Sadly we won't be on the new site by then, but 10CR may be a good opportunity to try some ideas and I hope to get some stuff running on the test site.,
if anyone would like to help test that drop me a pm.



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Quoted from Royboy66
I now have a Tracker unit fitted, on loans from my friend Ash at Gtrak! 🙂

You are very welcome Roy 😎

If you email me all the stops, hotels etc i can plot them as Geofences or polygons which will make it better for anyone viewing and also make the information much better for historical reporting afterwards.

I really must get the spitfire sorted and it is next on the list after house renovations, seem so many years ago since my one and only 10cr!

All the best


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