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Right the Spit rebuild has reached , the new oil, new plugs, new Antifreeze, rebuilt carbs reattached to engine, Oil pressure guage attached type stage.


This means i got some petrol to have a go and start her up... she starts oil pressure at smidge over 50psi when cold so not too bad.

Petrol flowing through that brand new kunifer pipe and hose.

However the top of the float chambers are collecting fuel, i have checked the hose clips etc and all tight. I assume the floats are not shutting properly, however new float valves and seats are fitted, and when pressed up it stop me blowing on the in pipe.

The Haynes talks of bending up a metal tab to ensure 1/8" gap but i dont have any metal tabs on the top of the float, (its not holed i should mention).

I looked on Rimmers and Paddocks and new floats are sold with not metal tabs, both float bowls are the same.

Am i missing a part when a float has been replaced?

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The metal tabs are on Strombergs. SUs have floats that operate directly on the valve.

What fuel pump do you have? Some of them produce too much pressure and the valve can't cope.

Also possible (actually common) is that you shaved a few flecks of rubber off the inside of the hoses and one of them is stopping the valve from fully closing.

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i had a recurring flooding despite all attempts with new needle valves and even tried some grose valves that  were  more hopeless 

on examination of the platform the needle sits against with a magnifier you could detect a ridge had worn on the face,  far from obvious to the normal eye  this is enough to jam the needle 

new floats and problem has remained fully cured 

tried to fettle the face but the plastic tends to shread it gets worse the more you try.


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