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Thanks and plaudits

Tim Bancroft

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Many thanks to Martin Randle for a top event- the cars, the people, the roads and the scenery- magic!

Also massive thanks to Derek Pollock and the late Les Mills for originating the idea of these fantastic driving events. Just think RBRR next year

To paraphase longstanding CT member Dave Langrick last night. 'CLUB TRIUMPH- WHOOW!' and ' RBRR BRING IT ON!'- nice words Dave!

Thanks to the following:
Nigel Gair/Andy Roberts, Tom Key/Tom Bamford and Andy MacDonald/Paul Shattock/Sam Shattock- For showing me how to attack hills!
Dave Tongue/Simon Kenway- For showing us all how to put oil in a car and showing us how to get it out of an engine!
Nigel Gair/Andy Roberts-For showing us that a Triumph engine can take 7,000 more than once!
Dave Picton/Fred Slezak and Craig Gingell/James carruthers: For showing us all how to eat!
Theo Boonen/Roger Hoogmans, Raider/Kevin Makin, and Chris Shaw/Richard King: For showing me that a TR7 can be a good looking car- this is something I previously thought impossible.
All the Big Saloon crews: For showing us that Triumph could really design and build a good car that can be truely spanked!
Doug Foreman/Colin Jenner: For showing us all how to have a good time!

Only downer was the p*ss that our European bros. sell for fuel- we want octane not detergent.

Top stuff by all crews - inspiring!

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I would also like to offer our thanks to the organisers for the 10CR.  An awesome experience, I was awed!

We are also done-in, gota soaking in germany on the motorways on sunday and couldn't face a wet night in a wet tent in wet sleping bags so pressed on to calais and caught an early ferry home to warm dry beds.

Will we do it again?  er...

most impressed by the good-natured car enthusiasm of the Italians and also by the bad-taste moustaches on the german men (and some some women!)

Jonathan and John Car 46

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Thanks to Raider for organising a marvellous weekend ,not only for us, but also for the many spectators on the continent who smiled, waved, and sounded their horns enthusiastically.

Thanks also to the lads who sorted out the accomodation so efficiently,and anyone else who had an input.

Thanks all the folks who are sharing their photographs with us.

From team11

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I'd like to add my thanks to Martin, Tim, Paul and Dean for making this event such a success. Particularly to Martin though, who's mind must have been racing for the last two years: who will go, is it too far, is the route too difficult/easy, will it be good/bad; these are all things that we, the entrants, can leave to be borne by the organiser's formidable shoulders. I bet there were a fair few of us with lumps in our throats at Bruges!

Make no bones about it, this was one tough event! I take my hat off to all the crews that looked calm and composed and just got on with covering the distance. Thanks to all those that "Tomboy" shared the road with at some point or other over the weekend.

Highlights for me were driving the twisty bits outside Dijon in the rain and telling Steve that it was about here that Tim Hunt ended up in the ditch...only to heave violently on the wheel as we found that particular bend! Then there was Friday evening, still in the Alps, most had taken the Turin motorway and we found ourselves meeting up with Tim Hunt and Mike Godfrey with umpteen Cols to go. Tim and Mike suggested we press on and we tucked in behind, this was the ride of my life, six hours later we arrived at Ventimiglia. Generosity of time and spirit was admirably displayed by the Walker brothers who just took over my car to fill my gearbox up with EP90, not an easy feat on the GT6. Then there was Nurburgring...where I understand the sole GT6 was a tad quicker than Mr Randle's TR7!

This bit sounds really daft but echoing Tim on another thread I want to say how much I just love my car...in fact all the Triumphs that went!

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Yes - big thanks to the unsung heroes of the event! (map markers included!)

Some superb highlights - many of them following or leading with Don and Steve, Dave and Fred.

Highlights include; a superb pizza and beer in Susa - the Turin automobile museum (some lovely cars!) and sitting on the side of Lake Maggiore eating dinner (lovely carbonara) in Cannobio.

Many thanks to Craig of course! Your fellow crew mates really do make these events extra special...

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Hi GT6 Don

At Nurburg Martin deliberately handycaped himself by driving around the wet grass on the outside of the circuit.  He prefers rallying, circuit stuff is not enough of a challenge, even so he managed 17:25.  Kevin later took the car to a smooth 14:10.

However there was another TR7 on the Ring.  We had done 12:20 before everyone had had breakfast.

Does this prove TR7s are faster than GT666s? 

No need to answer Tim :-)

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Just the 4

I'd also like to thank all those who chipped in especially those working behind the scenes like Tim and Dean and those who remain anonymous but know who they are.

Thanks very much to the Toledo team, without whose jubilee clips to hold on our carburettors we would be stuck in Germany.

And thanks to Richy, who stepped in at the last minute and did a great job of driving, navigating,  fixing and telling me what great cars Spitfires are  ;D

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I'd like to add my thanks to everyone involved in organising the 10CR and also to the crews who took part. What a great bunch of people, characterised by their humour, ingenuity, determination, camaraderie, oily finger nails, flatulence, and admiration for the Triumph marque  ;) I'm sure that, like me, everyone is firmly back in touch with everything they like about their cars. Don is right, this was a tough event but I'm glad to have taken part. Driving is mostly just a chore these days. Above all else the 10CR was FUN ! Thanks everyone  ;D

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Well I really enjoyed it and I didn't even go! The atmosphere at The Plough on both Thursday and Monday was great. I liked the organisation of cars at the start into "types" which made some great photo opportunities. It was also great to catch up with people, some of whom I knew and some of whom were new to me (and I to them I'm sure). It really is a very friendly club in that respect. I was very impressed with the provision of maps, now added to the Club Library in case anyone has a mad idea to follow the route on their own holidays next year ;). The feedback from Barry about the maps is less positive, but he obviously made it round OK so they can't have been too bad! Is there to be a 10CR dinner like there was an RBRR dinner? It would be good to get people together early in the spring to motivate into the season ahead and look at photos and have a gossip I'm sure. Somewhere not too evil for us northerners to get to would be nice! I liked the fact you all had a night stop on the Sunday - you all looked much more refreshed at the end than you did from 2003's run.

I think little James got a bit fed up with Mummy looking at cars instead of playing on the slide at The Plough, but even he can recognise a TR4 at several paces now (not bad for a 22-month-old). On returning to The Plough on Monday James was most upset that Daddy wasn't in the green TR4 parked at the front (who's was this?) but had to wait for Keith's green TR4A to return 30 minutes later with Daddy in.


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The Green TR4 at the front of The Plough was Derek Pollock's immaculate example that he has owned from new- its been filmed recently for a programme for the Discovery channel.

The Club will be holding a Dinner again next March -Saturday 4th- again at The Red Lion, Hatfield- An essential event this for all Club members. You may not be pleased that the do is down South- but most of the membership is down this way and of course the organisers of the dinner are based in the south. Tickets sales will start with the publication of either the nov or Jan edition of 'Club Torque'.

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All I can say is WOW !!
Actually I'd like to thank Martin and Tim for the excellent organisation of the event.
Doug and friend in there red GT6 for helping us out with the fuel pump problem.
Ellis Stokes and his party for sticking with us for so long when we were having all sorts of problems with the car.They always stopped straight away when I flashed... !
The guys in the Dutch( I think )Sprint engined TR7 for helping us with ignition problems in Switzerland.
Everyone else who stopped for us in Switzerland.
Lester French for some oil and a push start in Calais.
Andy Roberts for lots of advice and encouragment.
The whole group for clapping us upon arrival at the Belgium stopover on Sunday night.
Highlight for me was the thrash up the pass just before St Moritz with Nigel Gairs car followed by a TR6 then us and a tr7 then, I think Ellis Stokes behind us. We really gunned it up there. In fact at the next stop Andy got out and said " That was bloody good fun" !!! That was one of the few times the car ran very well.
Also to Bob King for help and advice throughout the event. Might be calling you soon Bob regarding an engine rebuid !!
Regards to all

David Tongue

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  What a weekend.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A big thanks to Martin, Tim ,Dean and Paul  for organising the event  and the overnight accommodation, .
We owe it all to Derek Pollock for the idea some 40 odd yrs. ago.
Highlights of  !0CR 2005 were  Tom and Tom in TR6 , showing us all how they should be driven , Dave and Simon in the Exxon Valdez, Nigel and Andy for the friday thru' Switzerland / Italy .  Keith, Barry , Andy and Sarah for excellent company in Menton. Also to Dave and Fred for entering KV.. and Tim H and Mike for talking me into far too much Duvel on sunday evening....wibble....
plus all other  crews and cars  who make events like this such a pleasure.
Also a big thanks to Lester for building up his car for the event and to James Shackford @ TR Entrerprises for all his technical help in turning car 42 from a standard saloon into a PI monster..
Been driving the Transit van all week , i feel a blast in the Iron Maiden is needed tomorrow.

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