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spark plug failure

daver clasper

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As mentioned, some NGK plugs seem to suffer insulation failure if wetted by petrol and seem to be more prone when new/nearly new.

I stopped using them after my PI (while still running Lucas injection) killed a whole set one by one.  They looked fine, just didn't spark any more.  Now use Bosch for preference but Denso are fine too.


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A search for "fake spark plugs" shows that all manufacturers are plagued with them.
Bosch have gone so far as to attach "antifake labels" to their products:
http://www.bosch-aa.com.cn/en/.....t_1.html  (Disconcerting amount of Chinese script on it!)

The differences  between fake and real NGK arae very fine: https://www.slideshare.net/athangal/distinguishing-fake-ngk-spark-plug

While the difrences for Denso are even more subjective: https://www.driven2automotive.com/blog/how-to-spot-fake-denso-iridium-power-spark-plugs-2017/

I suppose the best way is to buy from a reputable dealer, who should take action if  you complain about early failure.

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