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Temporary diff replacement - stupid idea or not?


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I need to remove the diff from my Spitfire while I do some work on the car. I also need to be able to push the car backwards and forwards in the garage during that time without a diff in place to hold everything together.  Rather than experience the joy of putting another diff in place temporarily and then taking it out again, I'm thinking of just tying the inner ends of the halfshafts to each other using rope, to stop the wheels splaying outwards as I move the car.

Do you think this will work? Or am I chancing it too much?

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how about screwing a block of wood between the two flanges, in essence making the axle 'solid' as long as you only need to move the car backwards and forwards.mind there is the danger of the body slumping either way if the v/links pivot on the trunnions.

don't forget the spring too.

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I had a trolley made from a Herald chassis which I wheeled in and out of my garage for about a year when I was rebuilding the Mk4 spitfire, it had the spitfire shell on it.

That had no diff fitted (Mr Jones had kept that most useful of parts and gave me the rest)

I just lashed the spring to the rear of the chassis. Not an option if you have the body fitted sadly.

I would remove the diff and put a plank of wood above the spring to maintain some ride height.

Tie rods will hold wheels in place and prevent them splaying out.

You could tie the flanges together as well.

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I hadn't thought about the spring no longer being supported....   Thanks chaps.

So, the plan now is to put a wooden plank in above the spring to maintain some ride height.  Then use a bit of 3"x 3" fence post timber that's as long as the diff is wide and screw the half-shaft flanges to each end of that with some big fat screws. That should do it if I treat it carefully.  It hasn't got to move far, just about 5ft back and forth several times while I lift an engine/gearbox in and out.

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