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New project (1976 FHC)


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So it begins ...

Body shell is now away for paint removal and shot blasting.
Also made a start with sorting through all the parts I gathered over the years,
small parts first ...

I am sure the filing system will change over the next few weeks and months, when more hidden parts turn up  

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  • 3 weeks later...

Got the body shell back from paint removal and shot blasting.
As expected some holes got bigger and some extra onesappeared ...

Also got some parts for the upgrade of the interior ...

And assembled some rear suspension parts with bits that were meant as spares for the DHC ...

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Used the FHC's restoration as an excuse to get rid of some of my surplus parts  
Broke a Speke FHC body, it will donate its rear deck and boot floor to the '76 FHC.

The solid roof will be used to fill the large hole in 't Kreng's roof ...

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Thx Paul 🙂

Depends how you look at it, total cost was € 1.600,-
Which included the doors, the bonnet and the boot lid.
But also paint removal, blasting and e-coating of the sub frame and both bumpers.

But it will need a light blast after welding, and before the epoxy primer will be applied.

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Some pictures after the body shell came out of the oven and before it was shot blasted.
And as a result all th edents are very clearly visible, a few nasty little dents on the roof ...

The same applies for both the rear wings ...

And the nose panel ...

A meeting is scheduled for tomorrow evening, to assess the damage and the work involved, and discuss the planning.

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  • 1 month later...

Some progress, this is how the boot area looked a few days ago ...

This afternoon I was greeted by a very big hole were the boot and rear deck used to be ...

... revealing some more rot were the panel is fitted to the rear wings ...

And the front section of the spare wheel well has been repaired ...

And trial fitting the "new" rear panel ...

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Took a while but early in the week I received the cloth for the cars interior.
Was well worth the wait, as the pattern is exactly as I wanted it to be ...

Compared to the original the red part of the pattern is slightly wider adding more colour to the interior.
And I went for a traditional square pattern as opposed to the slightly stretched pattern used by BL.

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are you staying with 13" wheels, I also see youve welded up the caps on the floor....did you take the caps out and weld in thin plate equivalent, I'm cleaning up the footwells and was wondering if I should do the same 😎

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Will be using the black banded steels that came off the DHC for this car, should look nice with the orange paint.

As for the holes in te floor, indeed steel plates cut to match the inside diameter of the holes and welded in place.
At least it adds some extra strength at the rear of the floor area, where the rear suspension pick up points are.

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