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New project (1976 FHC)


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This is seriously brilliant! Makes me want to start mine all over again and do it properly! It was coming across your pics that made me slow down and clean and paint everything before re-assembly! My original intention was to drag the car out of the garage (from under all our junk!) and get it started and back on the road, but after searching on the internet for restoration pics I came across yours amd TR7Bob's posts which made me do a bit more! I'm glad I did though as the underside of mine looks  a lot better than it would have! Anyway, your orange TR7 looks stunning. The orange and black really looks the part. I'm also wondering whether to do my sills satin black as well. I recall seeing some of the later rally cars with black sills. I think JJO 731W had them. Also, your side view clearly shows the top of the sill lining up perfectly with the underside of the front of the wing/airdam. Your TR7, with the period stripes, reminds me of another British 70s icon......the Bond Bug! Only available in orange and black! I reckon Triumph must have been inspired!The Bug was launched in June 1970. They only made about 2500 and prices are now reaching as much as £10000! You'd better get your Abba cassette at the ready for your maiden voyage!

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Thx, good to see that my work inspires others to give these cars the attention they deserve 😉
As for this car, it's from '76 so more thinking about Alan Parson's, Coloseum II, Eagles, Genesis, G. Giltrap, Santana, Steely Dan, and Al Stewart to fill the stereo for its maiden trip
If I am going to fit one that is ...

mmm .... Bond Bug ... another British wedge 😀 As for the colour, Topaz orange was only used on a handful of TR7's. And mine is a slightly different (brighter) shade.
(I like my cars to look period but certainly not an originality freak)

ps. when you look at my full weblog (http://tr7beans.blogspot.nl/search/label/Restoration%20FHC) you'll see that it was a lot of work to get all panel gaps within reasonable tolerances (don't Speke to me )

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Ah, 1976.......maybe 'God Save the Queen' by the Sex Pistols instead! Your work is certainly inspirational, but my intention was always to get the car back on the road on a miniscule budget. However, your threads have certainly made me go the extra mile! Well maybe an extra few miles over my originally intended route! A marathon instead of a 10K.  
The colour is absolutely stunning by the way and will look good with the original steel wheels with the black centres. You must fit the chrome rim covers as fitted to the American spec cars! These give the appearance of a Revolution style wheel and will compliment the orange and black theme 😉

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Yes they will look cool Beans! How much wider are they over standard? I like the idea of black wheels but have always been a fan of polished or chromed rims to compliment them. Even my MG Montego Turbo and MG6 Magnette have bean given this treatment! I agree that the rest of the car would be best with black highlights although I do like the chrome windscreen surround and that orange TR7 does look cool as well! Mind you, who am I to dictate to a man who produces TR7s that are better than new! I'm looking forward to the day you start a 1980 Manx rally replica!

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These rims are 6" (so plus ½") and are fitted with 185/70 tyres.
As the outer rim is moved outward the offset is changed to, from 25mm to 12mm, widening the track a bit
(and slim spacers were needed to clear the uprated brakes).
And the window surround will be coated black too, but as ever that's a matter of personal taste ...

(the wheels in this picture are also banded steels, but removed due to two leaking and one damaged by a rock  )

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See my earlier post from the 1st of June (10:0, I bought a new set of steels and had them banded too plus powder coated in black.
They are the same (except for the colour) as the ones in my last post. But than I found a set of Wolfrace Turbo's that would fit quite nicely to the DHC.

Sadly they came with a car attached to them 😀

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