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New project (1976 FHC)


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Quoted from ferny
... the black roof helps the bumpers blend into the car. Makes it a more cohesive design, if that makes sense.

That's probably one of the reasons they made the sills black.
And they make the whole car look more slender.
The yellow car looks to fat i.m.h.o. because of the body colour sills.

But I'll stick to an orange roof ...

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There's no way back now for the 1976 FHC.
After an inspection earlier this week by the guy who will do the panel work,
it was decided that we would get the best result by using the cars original body shell and use the back end of the yellow body shell as a spare panel donor.
Which means that I will have to start with dismantling the car first.

Would have loved to take some final pictures of the car as she was, but the weather conditions were rather wet.
So it was unceremoniously loaded on the trusty trailer and transported to the workshop.
Here work will start this Wednesday when work allows.

Also looking at various options for paint removal and blasting of body shell once it is bare.
Needless to say I won't use the company or process again that I used for the DHC.
At the moment looking for info on Soda blasting and thermal paint removal (pyrolysis).

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Some more stripping parts from the car yesterday afternoon.
After removing the seats and carpets the back end looked fairly well;

But the foot wells didn't;

Clearly the previous owner found out that clutch slave cylinder was rather inaccessible with the Sprint gearbox, so he cut this rather big hole in the transmission tunnel   ...

And it looks like the PO watched to many Leyland adverts on the TR7 😀

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Quoted from Sheepy
... What's your paint removal method? Blasting, acid or?

Not 100% sure yet but leaning towards thermal paint removal (pyrolysis) and shot blasting for rust removal.
Have some reservations with chemical/acid paint removal after the problems with the DHC 😲

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