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New project (1976 FHC)


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Picked up my last acquisition yesterday, to keep 't Kreng company in the shed;
This will change my Triumph related plans a bit.
Current plan is to restore this car first to more or less standard spec, with a few period upgrades, before tackling 't Kreng  ...  

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Looks like I am going to start another restoration in the not to far future  /static/blahsmilies/roll.png
So a few more pictures from the car. And this time also some of the bits that are not so good ...

Signs of previous repairs to the lower front wings ...

Standard rust patch where inner wing and front bulkhead meet ...

Butchered boot area, missing the spare wheel well ...

Fairly decent interior considering it's 37 years old ...

Engine bay ...

And the shell that I am very much tempted to use for the restoration ...

But first I'll get these refurbished for the DHC ...

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Got the wheels back from coating and the(original) wheel nuts and washers from re-chroming.
New tyres also fitted . Hopefully I have some time to fit them to the DHC this weekend ( pics to follow).
But first we have our "Nachtrit" this Saturday.

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At the moment looking into various striping and interior options for this car ...



2013-12-08 Striping FHC.jpg

2013-12-08 Tartan Red or green.jpg

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Quoted from Beans

Don't you worry, 'cause I won't  
Thinking about this rather period colour though 😎
Also looking for some period striping

Beans - that's a gggggggggreat colour, would look smart with that 70's-tastic stripe, and would go with either interior.
I like TR7's a lot. My brother bought one in '80 (SWN 4S where are you now?) right after I got the Spit. Typically....  

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Quoted from Ridgetone Triumph
Red check with that strip Beans, works every time

Looking at the possibilities to get a few meters of cloth woven in Scotland.
Hopefully one of the "official"  red/black Clan Tartans fits the pattern width I am looking at.
Should get an answer within a few days.

If not I will have to "design" my own pattern, but then it will get expensive, as they have a minimum weave 🤔

And the carpets will be red too 😎

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