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Sorry , seem to be making a habit of this .
' Three strikes and your out ' rules here ?
Looked Halibrandesque to me . They certainly do look good here but agree a bit of a let down in origin ---- Ford / GT40= worthy ( poss Halibrand ? ) , Ford / Capri = bit run of the mill . I guess Capri's must have been influenced by American Ford . Shows how a wheel type can look quite different on another style of vehicle .
Must say , hard to keep up with you ' been here before boys ' .
Does this make up for it , even if it is a repeat ?

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' Halibrandesque ' , I said John . And Halibrands came in many forms . Those are very gorgeous as many of them are , but that does n't look like a Triumph ! Thanks for the pic , 60's , 70's was the ultimate Auto period for sure !

Does this help 99176 ? ;
( Historic Triumph show shot Mr Administrator )

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