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saturday was a good day, i was setting the tappets on my mk2 they were very load and all were well out to bigger gaps on all of them especialy no 10 if i remember right, it had a stripped thread on the lock nut which i replaced and the engine is now nice and quiet and runs even better, took it for a run up the A127 and got a puncture on the slip road  i didnt have a jack with me as ive only been driving it on test runs so i drove on the flat about 1 mile at 15mph to crays hill and borrowed a jack with no damage to the alloy wheel ;D  sunday i changed the gearbox oil again just to flush out any of the old dirty oil which was black on the first change then later that day i read on a truimph web site that the A type overdrive box should have SAE 30 oil not EP 90 which ive used is this true? what oil do you guys use

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Hello Iggy,

I'd be more concerned for the tyre rather than the wheel to run for a mile on a flat?
While I adhere to Triumphs recommendation for the grade of gearbox oil (Just don't use GL5, it attacks the brass parts). Certainly other manufacturers specify engine oil and I believe Volvo used ATF fluid in their overdrive boxes so not a lot of consensus between manufacturers.
I don't remember the details but I understand that the SAE grades of gearbox oils and engine oils are not comparable as they are tested to different standards.


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EP90 is the one to go for. This very same discussion is often had on the TR forum. Some use gearbox oil EP80/90 some use engine oil, each to their own. I can definitely say though when I was  a Leyland franchise apprentice back in the 70s manual overdrive always had EP90, Auto Borgwarner TQF and GM boxes Dexron. Later in the RAF engine oil was always SAE 30 whatever it was going in, bit thin for my liking but seemed to work OK.


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lagerzok wrote:
Overdrive Spares in Rugby say that Overdrives love ATF  - not sure about the gearbox bearings tho'

Auto boxes have bearings in them too.

I used to use ATF in the gearboxes of my old motocross bikes, worked great.

What would ATF work like in a big T OD box I wonder ?
It does allright in the LT77 and type 9.
Not talking about sustained road use but for sprints and hillclimbs with regular "ATF" changes.


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This may be going off at a tangent but having had to scrap my BW35 autobox because so called experts put in the wrong stuff and insist its right, I thought I should warn you that there are two different types of ATF, i.e. low static friction (Soft) - GM DEXRON II and high static friction (Hard) - Ford M2C-33 F & G. The Ford spec being the one to use in all BW35 and BW65 boxes ref this Castrol Austrailia Data Sheet. http://ebookbrowse.com/auto-trans-fluids-b1191-pdf-d37180523 (sorry don't know how to hyperlink).

Now the question is which one would best suit a manual box? As Dazzers says Triumph recommend ATF in the LT77 manual box (one assumes Ford Spec) but a mate of mine (an ardent TR7 driver) swore it wrecked the bearing prematurely he always used fully synthetic gear oil. Me, I stuck in ATF a few years ago and I reckon it was Dexron as I knew no better.  I do wonder though if it would be better than the Ford Spec in this instance being as it is low friction?

Going back to a Saloon manual box I'd stick the Triumph's recommendation

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