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Spit 1500 / FOX


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23 hours ago, yorkshire_spam said:

Hope you are enjoying the Sprint while you have the chance! 

Picking it up tomorrow ! 

Just hope it passes, then we need to first fix the TR5 and then sort out the Dolly's suspension.

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Yesterday put the Dolly on the lift at work.


As you can see, never been undersealed in 46 years time.

But owner is panning a resto to save it.

And oh .. windscreen leaks very badly when parked outside when raining 😅😅








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Today after work a teacher offered to help out to setup the light and emissions check.

All done snd hopefully will pass the inspection.



I do so like to drive this car 😅

If i only had the money... 



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This morning D-day.

A few people that where waiting in line to get there car inspected came over to look at the Dolly, even a tester stopped work to come and look 😆


Ofcourse she passed !


Then adjusted the carbs again & I drove the Dolly back to its owner.

Then swaped the Dolly for ... Fox !

But as I was there, more work done on the TR5 diff.

I hope to get it sort of ready tomorrow.


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Today more TR5 diff stuff.

Endfloat was set up and then it was ready to put back together.


And touch up paint in the sun while we where eating.


Then put it back under the car.

Another Triumph friend popped by and gave me a hand with the exhaust and testdrive time...


Eum.. the noise was still there.

As the owner still cant do much due to hernia, I popped by the same friend that popped by earlier (as only 3 streets away).

He jumped in the car and told me it was loud at the left.

I couldnt hear it as the car has a very loud exhaust under it.


So we had a look for a recon hub assembly.. no go.

Prices in europe.. wow.. 470 euro for a new one (think it used to be 250 euro)

Found one at Bastuck for 290 euro, for that price I cant take it apart (will try to take the old one apart to have a look and learning).

So i know what i will do next weekend probably..


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Yesterday another job..

A guy his spitfire was running crap.

Broke down 7 times (you think they learn to leave it alone by then...)


I told him, you take your old exhaust off, otherwise I will go home again.

As he wanted it fully sorted out in 1 day !

So, fitted the exhaust, k&n filters, AAR needles (AAQ where better, but didnt listen to me again).

Re-checked valves, exhaust on cil no 4 to much play.

Then started up, but not running nicely.

Suddenly a backfire and dead.

Tried to restart it .. nothing.

This was the thing he had 7 times before.


Ok... i turn the engine.. rotor arm not spinning !!

Checked.. dizzy wasnt pushed it deep enough.

I know he told me he checked the timing of his csi dizzy before.. so i think he never installed it right, or even timed it right !

Installed it good, it would fire up, started to adjust timing, mixture etc etc.

Now runs smoothly, but again he didnt want to do a testdrive as it was going to rain.

Told him it will be his problem is it wasnt running right, as you best drive it and adjust the carbs better then.

Changed the oil as it was mostly fuel and black as hell.


Sometimes its no fun with owners like this, they really destroy these cars.

Told him 5 times his new exhaust wasnt standard, so original fittings would not fit..

Ofcourse "that Y piece is hanging loose, there should be a strap to the diff"

Yes, told you need to make something yourself, i guess... i will need to make something.

Cooling system got to hot he said to.

Checked voltage stabilizer.. its all over the place, but not giving 10 volts, but more..

So will rebuild it to solid state.

In july it needs inspection, told him, bring the car to me for a week and i will try to sort out all the little things.


I was glad I was home...




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Also yesterday, local guy called me up.

Broke down, steam from under the bonnet..

Coolant hose between heater valve and heater split open.

Gave him instructions to route the hose to the heater valve from inlet to water return pipe.

So disconect the heater fully so he could drive to home and he made it to home.

So will need to have a look this week.

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