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Wendy is quite right, Gorilla is very sticky, but the expansion is a problem where excess would look unsightly.    Remove it asap, as it gets very hard when fully set.

Badges on earlier cars had little tags on the back, that went through holes in the panel and were secured with things like tiny lockwashers that gripped the tag.

But by the time of the TR7 it was double-sided adhesive tape.   You can buy it today as tape, or as 'patches' so you can be original if that's important to you.    Stick the badge to a piece, cut around it and stick to the panel.  See Halfords: Halfords Extra Strong Double Sided Tape Patch HFX715 | Halfords UK


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29 minutes ago, Dannyb said:

I used the double sided tape used on number plates. That stays put,.


Same here, just make sure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, degreased & any wax that might be there is removed. I use isopropyl alcohol for preparing the surfaces. 

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