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GT6: Under bonnet space issues

Tim Bancroft

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I need to re-mount my servo from the bulkhead as it fouls on the bonnet support tube that runs across the inside of the unit. The hand built nature of Fitchetts mk2 GT6 bonnets has necessitated this move,I also had to fit a smaller battery to the car.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, I am wondering about fitting a Varley redtop racing battery to the car and moving the battery position to the boot area. And then postioning the servo unit within the battery box hole in the bulkhead.

The attraction of a Varley battery being the size of the unit making it possible to maybe squeeze the battery near the spare wheel or if that is not possible onto the shelf behind the seats, sealed in a suitably sized box.

Can anyone tell me if Varley batteries are appropriate for everyday use?

If not is there a small lightweight battery that I could use?

At present, I am driving the car without the servo and must say I'd rather have one fitted to the car, getting old and infirm!

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if ye get a varley batt, are they no a gel type
so nee need fora box.
the longer the lead to starter frae batt, the moer the current drop.

what aboot 2 6 volters joined up.
then can put em on the bulkheed, and servo in batt box!!

servo could go doon by the rad side.
maybe even on side of engine on dizzy side.

Me self, why would any one want a spongy brake pedal with a servo.!!

As Paul says, get some bigger brakes,
wonder just hoo ye managed with oot em after fitting. honest.


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Exide used to do a lead acid gel-battery called the "torque starter" or some such.  Was a a tiny little thing, pretty light and they claimed it would start the car even after it had had a rifle bullet fired through it.  I had one in my Herald for years.  Bloody amazing thing, which had an amazing amount of kick in spite of its small size lasted at least 10 years.  I killed it by letting it sit discharged so it might have gone longer.  Never tested the rifle bullet claim though.


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I never found the brakes to be spongey when I had the servo fitted. I drove the car for 30 years with a servo fitted and now find that having to exert more pressure to the pedal to obtain the same stopping distance is difficult, its almost like I have to re-programme my brain. After so many years, I more or less drive the car instinctively and slight changes seem to affect my driving style. Hence the desire to put back the servo.

Certainly feel that that there is no need to fit bigger brakes, like the balance of well set up GT6 brakes.

Will have a re-think.

Thanks everyone.

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Bigger wheels to a GT6?

Width yes, diameter no.

5.5J with 175/70 13 is fine.

A GT6 weighs so little in comparison to moderns, no need to follow the modern trend of over sizing the wheels and tyres for aesthetics and maybe bigger brakes-safety???!!!

Follow the lead of Chapman, small car, small wheels and tyres!

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