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Border Raiders ...2024

Velocita Rosso

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Old age doesn't come on it's own. 

A week before the Round Britain, my back went and I completed the event with the assistance of painkillers. 

I think the time has come to pass it on. 

I've spent a fortune getting it to where it is now but my old bones say enough. 

Was looking at BMW Z3s but Katy fancies a Z4 Coupe from 2006 to 2009 and I kind of agree with her.

Preferably a black 3.0 Sport with a manual box. 

But who knows.  I may have changed my mind next week. 


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First official Border Raider meeting last night. The overnight hotel may have to accommodate more entrants!. Chris will be on with more entry  info shortly

Final night accommodation being sourced as we speak and the route maps being dusted down ....albeit only a few weeks of dust .

The event now even more popular

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On 16/08/2023 at 22:43, Velocita Rosso said:

Here we go again....the hunt is on ...for the event hotel(Saturday)...which is part of the event itself

As usual...the previous night(Friday) accommodation will be down to entrants to book....and, if needed , the finish location( on a Sunday) and hotel will be down to entrants to source and book. 

Only 50 weeks to go!!! 

Now only 27 weeks to go...

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13 hours ago, Rubce said:

Looking forward to the BR2024.

Can we see the entry list yet?



The entry is still not officially open yet....albeit there have been numerous advance requests  to Chris `to add to list`....due to its popularity. The prep is nearly complete albeit the exact route is not fully finished. However , more inquiries into the event are still coming in. 

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