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Team Moby Triumph 2000, 2.5 MOD NOW SOLD

Mike North

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Moby, our 1974 enduro Triumph 2000 is up for sale. Well known club car of Team Moby. Manual with overdrive, 2660cc, Moordale fast road engine, 2500S head, Chris Witor FR cam, 160bhp with loads of torque. Moordale fast road suspension, lowered, koni’s all round. Successfully completed multiple 10CR’s/ RBRR/ HCR over the last decade. Re built shell, arches, sills, cabin and boot floor, paint. 100% mechanically, FSH with Moordales (Dale Barker) since we bought it in 2010. Laminated screen, Calibra front seats, 2500 dash, oil pressure dual gauge, extra charge points for sat naves and phones etc. Too many mods to mention. Historic, ULEZ except, MOT’d. ON the button, drive it to Italy tomorrow, no prep. Comes with full 10CR/ RBRR spares kit.  Needs a carpet set and a heater matrix overhaul to be perfect . Currently in professional storage. Genuine reason for sale (TR6 Moby 2)

Mike North on the forum

£6000 OVNO

20231008_083002 (1).jpg


















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3 hours ago, richard w said:

When the mk1 went from auto to Manuel, I made one myself from hardboard covered with black vinyl cloth. I wouldn't claim it to be perfect but it's good enough for me.


From Memory, Moby's is marine ply, then covered in anti slip, non reflective rubber !

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2 hours ago, Tim Hunt said:

Quite so, and there is no reason for Malcolm to be upset by your post. After all, in Spanish El Presidente can mean 'President' or 'Chairman'. Our language is so rich in having specific words to differentiate even more subtle distinctions!


Tim, Sorry if I caused you or Malcolm offence. Most people would have understood it as a the humorous quip it was intended to be. Alistair 


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13 hours ago, Tim Bancroft said:

Mike and Alastair, what are your plans now, hope you can divulge? 



Moby 2. White (of course) TR6 in build, Dale has already done the body. Fitted or planned: Long range 20g tank, full suspension re-work. Fast road on triple webers etc etc 😎

Not sure it will be ready for 10CR and we've volunteered to Marshall on 2025 RBRR, but we will be back, just changing up a gear !

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