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3,89 Differential for Herald 13/60


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It is because I cannot screw it in anymore. Even when it had been removed from the car and was in the vice , it was at the Limit. I have ordered a new one anyway and can do other things to the car whilst waiting for a delivery. The rear seats, the boot of the car all Need tidying up and Sound insulation installed.

It is the left Hand side one which is the Problem. On the right Hand side, the Limit is reached and the wheel is locked while the adjuster still has thread to be seen. On the left, the adjuster nearly buries itself into the backplate and even so the wheel is not locked.

Gone away from the differential thread a bit........

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Pop the drums off and have a look to see what's different between the sides. Perhaps the left hand shoes are worn out? Or one of the wedges has gone missing? Or one of the shoes isn't located right? Take a photo of each side and set it as a "spot the difference" competition for some friends 😆

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Looking at the manual diagram is it possible that one or both of the tappets are installed in the brake adjuster rotated 180º so that they are actually sitting behind the wedge? I know youve taken them out but could you have put them back as you found them assuming that to be correct? With the drum off you should be able to look in the open end of the adjuster and see the two tappets being pushed apart as you do up the wedge....  

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Yes, it used to also be possible to put a Picture in the Gallery and refer to it but that facility is gone now as well. 🤔

The tappets are correctly installed as far as I can see. When the adjuster is completly wound out the tappets come together and as it is wound in again, it can be seen that the wedges get pushed out. They come out about 4 to 5 mm each Maximum.

The first Thing I did when I got the car two years ago was to put new brake linings in both left and right Hand side. They have been installed on the LHS exactly as per the Manual. I Need to take the RHS brake drum off to see what the difference is.



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