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o/d conversion (what to do with it?)


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Hello guys,
My car is a Mk1 GT6 '67
The car is not fitted with an o/d set at the moment.
But I consider that such a modification would be something imperative. ::)
The alternatives I have are the following 4:

1. buying a 5speed conversion for abt 1 grand. Although I prefer to build the GT6 through strict factory standards, I haven't rejected this option (at least not yet)

2. to have an overdrive conversion kit from Canley - ready to be fitted on the car.

3. to buy reconditioned gbox & o/d unit, a new propshaft and all the other parts I may need to do this conversion (i.e. column switch, wiring harness, mounts, mounting plates etc)

4. buy a 2nd hand set through ebay or a show and have it rebuilt from a professional. But in this case I will have to buy the extra parts, in the above parenthesis, as well

What do you think about it? Keep in mind that I cannot do the rebuild on my own, plus there are no gbox/overdive specialists in Athens. Therefore anything will have to be done in England and sent it to me  being ready to be fitted

To keep the cost in low levels is very important to me as I am in the middle of a bolt&nut restoration on the car, and that means that I will have to spend loads of money on it. :-/

Many thanks in advance,

Athens, Greece

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IncaSpit wrote:
Forget the 5 speed junk that some suppliers are peddling in favour of the much superior overdrive system. Buy a complete overdrive box, prop etc and you will have a much better driving car.

I have overdrive on my Spit & love it but the 5 speed is not junk! It gives you an overdriven 5th gear & is stronger & lighter than a Triumph box + overdrive.
I'm sticking with o/d but a 5 speed is a perfectly sensible option.

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Hi Nassos

I hope you are well. I had overdrive but got through two gearboxes so decided to fit a Frontline 5 speed conversion. It's fairly simple to fit and I will send you some information about this or look at Andre's website. You could do the conversion on the cheap by getting your own Ford Type 9 gearbox and just buy the adaptor plate and spigot bush and clutch kit...everything esle you can adapt. There is some chassis cutting but not much and when its fitted it is soooo much better.

On the other hand overdrive is nice.



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both 2.0 and 1.6 Vitesses were fitted with D-types?

Yes, but the 1600 box is based on the Mk I-III Spitfire box with a weaker mainshaft and I think no synchro 1st (not sure on that part). But I did manage to break one with a 2.5 PI engine..................

1600 definitely weaker.
2Litre better
2 Litre GT6 MkIII stronger
1850 Dolomite 3-rail with J'type nicest..... (so I'm told)

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