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Fitting a Les Leston steering wheel - Vitesse


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I am trying to fit a period Les Leston wood rim steering wheel to my Vitesse.

I have taken my old original wheel off and offered up the new Les Leston boss.  This has the correct number of splines and all fits ok - so far so good.

My problem comes with the horn pencil.  The existing pencil is approximately 5.5cm long, but this is too short for the Les Leston boss; that needs to protrude through the steering wheel itself to reach the horn button?  Is the horn pencil available in a longer length?

Also my original Triumph horn button is slightly too large in diameter to fit the boss.

Anybody one here who has fitted a similar wheel and can enlighten me??

thank you

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I was looking for a longer one for an old Paddy Hopkirk that was going into a mk 3 spit, did ask Canley Classics for a 3.4 inch one (believe it was used on some TR6) as an alternative to the standard 2.6 inch one.
They did not have any stock, but advised me to try a company called TRGB. They had stock.

*edit* 5,5 cm is still less than the standard horn pencil...


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I have a Les Leston wheel i was restoring,i also have an original LL boss still in its box for the Herald/Vitesse,i will take a look and see if its as you say.

I`m not aware if the horn pencils come in different lengths,i had the same issue with the pencil being too fat for a Mountney boss,i just rubbed it down with emery paper.

On my other car the wheel came modified with a copper disc on the push that earths when pressed thus sounding the horn.

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There were numerous different horn pencil lengths, several area available under different part numbers, but they're not usually recorded by length.
When I needed an unavailable (at the time) length for our old Triumph 2000, I made a new one using Evergreen plastic tubing, available from model shops or the ubiquitous ebay. Different diameter tubes are designed to sleeve together, I salvaged an original pair of plungers and spring, with a new braid made from de-soldering wick.


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