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Has anyone bought one of these?

I was looking at getting my original radiator re-cored with unrated number of fins, but this item costs only a little more, is lighter and should last longer.

However, having been stung for import costs on some items from Canada, they have to be taken into account as well.

If there were a number of takers, or one of the spares suppliers could take on the local supply in the UK, I am sure there would be some takers.

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I hope tha's not an actual picture, cos if it is the hose connections are very much in the wrong place!

It's a decent price if the one they send is correct tho. Most Ali rads I've seen have been around the £400 mark

Are you looking for  Vitesse or Herald?
A Honda Civic one can be had for much cheapness and modified to fit fairly easily in a Herald but a little more tricky in a Vitesse due to less room to play under the bonnet

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I have one of those:

A whole LOT cheaper than an original design radiator.   It needs a bit of work to add brakets to the side, and I fabricated a new thermostat cover to take the outlet to the right instead of the left, but when you are achieving a saving of SIXTY EIGHT PER CENT almost anything seems reasonable.

This replaced a reproduction Triumph-style radiator that developed a leak around the bottom hose. I tried having it repaired, but the radiator man commented that it was poorly made, probably in China or India.  In particular the bottom connector was originally a tube that went right across the depth of the core, so tht it was well anchored.  This copy was just soldered to the wall of the bottom tank, so that the seal was inherently weak.


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Im not surprised alott of cars owa heat, they got no close fitting rad shroud.
bigger size and power of engine can  easily cope on a standard rad,if its done right.

think of it this way, go and pour some GoGo juice into yer car, useing a BiGG funnel,
which has got most of the  funnel sides cut away,as weel as the spout bit,  then complain to petrol station that most of yer fuel is on the groond.  its same as the rad sides, letting all the air past, and not forcing it where it should be gaa,n

I just cant see how a ally rad can cool better than a copper / brass rad. especially when its no pented black.  As ally come nee where near the cooling prperties of copper.

Only thing going for em I can see is they are lighter.


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Marcus, ali is cheaper per kg too. Scrap is about 1/3rd or less the price of copper ;)

And yes, copper a better thermal conductor but black paint may be adverse as it acts as in insulator (probably a bigger factor than being a better emitter of heat)

However, ali ones are prettier  :) and light, or should be.
Polo/golf ones weigh about nothing, and are regularly used in kitcars producing up to 200bhp, sometimes more. They are small, and very cheap.

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796 wrote:
Im not surprised alott of cars owa heat, they got no close fitting rad shroud.

Hi Marcus

The shroud is important at the front so all in incoming air goes thru the rad. On a Vitesse the rad is hard up against the grill so it tends to anyway and besides there is no room for a shroud - no?

I'm sort of assuming that the Civic rad has a more efficient core - plus it's not full of 40 years worth of crud, more than making up for the poorer thermal conductity of Ali v copper. If SoS runs cool with one I'm pretty confident that mine and others will too.


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