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best gt6 manuals


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official workshop manuals are great but they assume you are a mechanic and have all the special tools. Haynes manuals are great because they assume you are not a mechanic and that you do not have all the special tools, so they give you step by step instructions plus tips on doing things without all the special tools! I make sure that I have both the official workshop manual and the Haynes manual for my cars. Cheers, Dave.

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I use the Official Triumph Repair Operations manual and the official parts Manual, plus the Haynes manual for my GT6.  I have all in hard copy. I did also have the CD rom version but that packed up. Cheaper way to buy them but susceptible to packing up as the copy protectection is overzealous and the slightest imperfectyion on the CD ROm/DVD and it's toast (Had the same issue with the Dolomite version).

There are also quite a few good sources of info on the internet, including some good you tube videos of some jobs from Moss in  the USA.

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cook1e wrote:
Also, if you are trying to rebuild to absolute original for concours then John Tomason's Guide to Spitfire and GT6 originality is superb reference book.

Yes, good book - But there is a black & white photo with accompanying note which references a Green cable  ;D

Original workshop manual and haynes.

Also, This here forum is a great manual  :)

Electronic versions are good to print off and make scribbles etc.. plus you can laminate diagrams for reference and doesn't matter if you spill oil, coffee or beer over them  :)

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