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Old Caliper mod of mine

Piero franchi

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Hi Guys
Just found the photos of an old mod I did to my GT6 calipers,
I done this mod, as when using vented discs, I found the clearance between the caliper and hub was WAY way to close.

What it intailled was reducing the spacer down to (if memory serves, but I can measure to conferm) 5mm

Took the spacers to be milled down, easy enough,
so why didnt they just do that to start with????????/
because the caliper insides rub againts the disc,
Fix this with a gringer  ;)
there are some lugs in the inside of the caliper, that really really trully dont do any thing other than get in the way,
grind them off once and for all and your future life with be happy LOL

with the caliper width narrower, the hub to caliper is much better, AND as an added bonus, you use thinner packing shimes for the caliper to caliper bracket

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Now with the vented disc fitted.
PLEASE NOTE, there is NO caliper spacer in the photo.
I surgest you do use one, as I did (dont have a photo of it  :-/)
But it just goes to show, with just the lugs removed, you can use the vented disc with out the spacer.
I had my spacer milled down to suit my needs

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Please read the attachments.
I say That i would still use the cailper sapcer/packing plate, but have it shimmed down to suit your needs.

The clearances with the caliper alone, (as it is in the photos), dont allow for much.
You need to use a packing plate to space out the caliper, I got mine many years ago from canley classics,
but i dont think they dont do them now, worth a call to them

with this packing plate milled down, all the relavent clearance are in my oppionin, AS THEY SHOUDL BE  ;)

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logicaluk wrote:
mm intresting, having never tryed how hard is it to split the calipers & is the seal available?
many thanks

Splitting all depends on the condition of the caliper in the first place.  If they are in good condition then its very easy and the seals are available from all the usual suppliers

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