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Mr Elsie

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I have a set of alloys on the gt6 at the moment which are shod with

Front 185/60/13
Rear 205/60/13

I'm assuming they are 5.5 due to tyre size.

I have a set of standard wheels that I was intending to tyre up but was wondering what tyres would be suitAble as they are only 4.5 x13's.

Alternatively, should I not bother as the wheel size is too small for a gt6 mk3.

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Mr Elsie,

Do you have a 'photo of your car to share please?

I'm just in the process of deciding on tyre sizes to put onto the 5 1/2" wheels I've just bought for my Mk3 GT6. I was thinking about using the same combination as you've got, as the 205.60.13 has just about the same diameter as a 175.70.13, so shouldn't disrupt gearing, etc.

How does the steering feel with the slightly wider & lower fronts?

Cheers              John

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