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can mk4 spitfire ignition key barrel be replaced?


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Has anyone managed to replace the ignition key barrel on a mk4 spitfire as mine has broken ?

I have searched but cannot find this part for sale online - I don't really want to buy the complete steering lock assembly at £150 new.

If it cant be replaced has anyone got a second hand one  I could purchase ?

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They were never teh best bit of kit, I have made good money in years gone by selling my stash of spare steering locks, all now gone sadly.

Best bet now is to remove the lock and put a bit of black tape round the column to hide the fact it ever had one (MOT fail now sadly), then put an ignition switch in the dash.

Stoneleigh may produce one if you are going if you want to keep the steering lock.



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With the help of this man:

Peter Weston tel. 07973 374722 email; wilmotlockman@gmail.com
The lock man, specialist in Wilmot Breedon locks, keys and handles for classic British cars.

I managed to replace all the barrels in my various locks with a matched set.

If its a Wilmot Breedon lock I am sure he could help.


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Thanks for all the replies, I don't know what I would do without your help.

Ideally I would like to leave the steering lock in place so will look at the barrel replacement options suggested.

My CT membership was the best money ever spent, just in the past 3 months the advice you guys have given has saved me a small fortune.

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piman wrote:
Hello Hyperhale,

barrels and keys from Holdens :- http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=54316731 .

You'll need to remove the whole assembly then you can see a small pin(Approx 1/16" dia) which keeps the barrel in position, drift that out to remove the barrel.
They call them Lucas but I think that they were made by Wilmot Breeden?



The Mk4 lock is a totally different beast. Takes a one sided key, and is about twice the diameter.

They are made by Waso.

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Thanks fellas, I followed up the replacement barrel option but as thescrapman says the mk4 lock is different and I ended up buying the steering lock from James Paddocks - £78 incl vat

The £150 figure was originally all I could find on rimmers and included the ignition switch that I don't need.

I have already removed the column and slotted the shear head bolts to dismantle the old one , will replace the bushes at the same time as the top one is worn

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If you do remove the steering lock it can be a MOT fail, to get around this you must fit another device to protect the car from theft.

Steering wheel lock and ignition cut out should be acceptable.

By the way you cannot remove a brake servo if one was fitted as original spec., this is a MOT fail.


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"If you do remove the steering lock it can be a MOT fail"

My Spitty won't fail............see below.

The inspection of the steering lock only applies to passenger cars with:

. a steering lock fitted as standard by the manufacturer, and

. four or more wheels, and

. not more than 8 passenger seats excluding the driver’s seat, and

. first used on or after 1 September 2001

The check does not apply to quadricycles.

If there is doubt as to whether a steering lock was originally fitted, the benefit of the doubt should be given.

It is acceptable for a steering lock to be removed if it has been replaced with another immobilisation device.

Some electronic steering locks, generally on vehicles with keyless ignition systems, will only activate when the driver’s door is opened/closed.


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