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Auto solo 19th July


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Do you mean Chris Rabbets? I suppose we might get him and Val there, I'll work on them at the dinner this w/e.

Jason - I don't see why your mate with the mini shouldn't come again, more the better really.

Ref location we're considering either running the event a week earlier (assuming it doesn't clash with anything like CLM) next year or even possibly looking at a different venue for 2016 like, say, Finmere where Oxford are now running the Bocardo due to a load of NIMBY Knobbedz in Bicester Council refusing to let them use Bicester Heritage on noise grounds. Does anyone know of a way to celebrate and support our motoring heritage without making any more noise than a spider's f*rt? No, me neither! What a crap country.....................

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thescrapman wrote:

Are they old enough yet for a bit of Autosoloing??

Or would they be likely to show you up?



That's an idea, but i think they may still be a little vertically challenged, and i suspect the heavy Sprint steering will be an issue, but maybe next year.

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We are still currently struggling manfully with the seemingly near unfathomable process required to book a venue these days. We will have a definitive answer early next week (one way or another!!!!!!) at which point we hope to open the entry, God willing!

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I'd definitely be interested in a bit of Auto solo - no bleeding route plotting either!

Barton Stacey would be jolly handy for me Dale as we'll be down in West Sussex by then. Hopefully you'll have a decision soon?

So chalk up another team for when the entry is open.


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It seems to have become impossible to book what used to be called MoD land these days, despite the game of e-mail ping pong involved for the last 3 months, with any assurance that you will be able to actually have it, less than 4 weeks prior to the intended date. That coupled with the not inconsiderable cost involved makes it a non-starter. We are currently talking to other people to see, as Michael has said, whether we can put something on later in the year, perhaps around October. It would be mighty helpful if those who are interested could say so here so that we have some idea of numbers - Ta.

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Michael and Nigel are currently talking to people about this, the likely venue will be in the middle of the country probably a bit further North/West than Bovingdon and just west of the M1 - we think.............................

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