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Vitesse/Dolomite Gearbox and Clutch


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Hi everyone, am new here so please bear with me.

I have a 65 Vitesse 6 that has been running a non OD Dolomite 1850 3 rail gearbox. Its been in the car ever since I bought it and apart from a slightly worn synchro on second, its been pretty good. Recently though i've found the non OD not so good for the open road so have decided upgrade to an overdrive unit. Luckily I have managed to source a fully recond Dolomite 1850 3 Rail J type overdrive box and Dolomite clutch unit (all bits including the new clutch are NOS parts). Finding this gearbox was a mission in itself, they're not exactly thick on the ground here in NZ.

At the moment the car is running the 1600 spring based clutch and the new clutch is a Borg and Beck type. I'm not too sure what setup has been used on the car as I thought the Dolomite gearbox needed the Borg and beck type clutch due to the different input spline?

Basically i'm confused. Can I use the new clutch kit? Is it possible to remove Spring clutch and fit the B&B one without too many problems? I'm due to remove the gearbox in the next month or so and would appreciate any tips about what to look for.


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3 rail Dolly 'box has the same input shaft size as a 1600 Vitesse AFAIK.  I think you will need a Vitesse 2 litre flywheel to utilise the later diaphragm spring clutch.  Single rail Dolly 'box has more splines on the input shaft, fine splines unlike 3 rail which are coarser splines.  You will probably need the later type of release bearing carrier too.

Hope this helps.


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If both boxes are the coarse splined 3 rail type then you can stick with the original 1600 clutch as the 1600/2L/1850 3 rail gearboxes all have the same spline.

If you want to use the 2L/1850 clutch then the Vitesse 2L flywheel will be the easiest way as Mark says, though it way be possible to redrill your 1600 one to suit.


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I converted our sprung clutched 1600 to a 2 ltr diaphragm unit

you need to drill a new dowel hole as the two designs have different dowel locations

you need a later the later 2ltr throwout carrier whis is longer to suit a much thinner clutch assy.

what I did to redrill the dowel was ( not the best) but put a pipe olive on the cover bolts and lightly nip the cover onto the flywheel( less the disc)  these olives centralise the clearance of the 6 fixing holes and give some degree of concentricity.

drill the new dowel hole  using the cover as a guide..  remove the bolts and olive and its done.

its been fine and much more  driveable , lighter to the foot.  

never mix diaphragm and spring cover discs  as both are different thickness,  the coil clutch has the thicker lining, fit a thick into a diaphragm and you loose clamp load and very light  pedal, put a thin disc in a coil and you get low  clamp load and a heavy pedal..  and the initial finger/pad position for the throwout will be to far out or to far in.

TSSC shop are doing a special deal with Borg and beck new Units at really good prices


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I assume by the throwout carrier you mean the carrier for the release bearing? I think i'll re-drill the original flywheel like you say. I priced a 2 ltr one up from the UK and the freight cost is more than the flywheel itself!!! The joys of sourcing parts from the UK.....

Took the car out last weekend after replacing the clutch master and slave cylinders and noticed its developed a quite bad vibration coming up through the gearbox whenever the engine is revved above 4000rpm. Its also fairly constant at about 50mph. Any ideas? There are no noises from the UJ's and the clutch operation is better than its ever been.


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