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radiator over flowing


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hi everyone
i have a 2.5pi engine in my GT6, the radiotor overflows in to a bottle that wasnt completely sealed tight and pressurised. when i started the engine after a about 10 minutes the water would head up and come gushing out. i removed the thermostat hoping it would solve the problem of continuously flowing coolant but it still over flows.

is the answer to simply find a better bottle, that is not old and sealed so there is pressure, seems too easy?

thnaks !

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It shouldn't ever really get empty.

First check the coolant level in the radiator.  If it's too low it's possible the engine is overheating which will pump coolant into the expansion bottle.  Top up the radiator and fill the expansion bottle halfway and see how you get on.

You could also have a faulty radiator cap.  Yours may not be allowing the system to pressurise and could constantly allow coolant to pass to the expansion bottle as the engine warms up.

It could also be poor coolant circulation caused by a dodgy water pump or blocked radiator.  You get hot spots in the engine, the coolant turns to steam and can force water into the expansion bottle.

Check all this before you start worrying about blowing head gaskets etc.

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Yes could be gasket, but doo try the  cap first, as it may be not sealing.
try  running engine with out cap on  { idle } and see if the water comes over  [ after its leveled out ]
and also as Ferny says, look for bubbles coming up.

also try some engine rad flush, as the whole system may be coked up with hard water deposits.
where you at, in a hard water area [ lime scale, furring up, follow !! ]


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Head issues. Mine is doing the same. I replaced the head gasket just before Prescott hoping that would solve the problem, did not check the head to see if it needed a skim as I would not of had time to sort it before Prescott. Still having the same problem so I guess the head needs a skim, at least I will be able to sort a few other issues, whilst I have the engine out to replace the gearbox for an overdrive unit.
One check you can make is to hold the heater hose whilst you rev the engine and you can feel the hose pressurise as the revs rise, if it does I would suggest you have the same head/gasket issues that I have.  :-/ :( :'(
Try the suggestions listed above you may just be lucky and not have to remove the head.

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