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Hi all,

It's now 1,5 week before out trip to the UK and found a little leak of coolant .. and it's the very small leak at the rad 🤔
So thinking of still driving up to there and get a new rad in the UK.

My plan was to fit a wider one when this original one went ... so now it's time 🙂
Had a look around, here in belgium it's 250£, rimmers 211£ , paddocks around 180£ ..
But the had a look at canley classics and it's around 150£ !

So a lot cheaper then here or rimmers.

Had anyone got a wide rad from canleys ?
As it seems that the one from rimmers has more mounting holes and at first sight the cap is different ..

(first pic is rimmers one and second the canley's one)

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Quoted from Velocita Rosso
Where`s it leaking from Wim?

Originally got mine at Fitchetts,... but dependant on where your leak is it can be repaired
We get our repairs done 18 miles away from here

From the left bottom side, but cant see from where ..

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Someone said to me to try Moss to ... even a bit cheaper then canley and they have a shop near Bradford and as we would be near Leeds that would be easy  + don't need to pay for shipping  

Then change it and with 2 that will go fast !
Going to see what i'm going to do. 🙂

I guess also the old one can be repaired as i have see/felt where the leak is, will keep that one as spare then 🙂

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Quoted from yorkshire_spam
Sorry no pic to hand Wim.
If you want to pick one up from Moss at Shipley (Bradford) make sure you contact them and check that they have one in stock at that branch.

I've posted about the rad's in the FB spitfire group and yesterday evening got a private message from a guy that works in the sales of moss.
He told me that it takes a day before they have it in stock in Bradford as they have them in London.

and if i don't like the rad that i don't need to buy it 🙂

Will see, this weekend i need to drive to the netherlands and will look how much coolant i've lost.. but not much i think  

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Quoted from WIMPUS
Has anyone got a pictures of a wide rad with the engine side boards fitted ?

Asked this because i've have engine side panels and worried that the corner pieces to fit the panels will not fit ..
Take a look at the pics

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Quoted from Bainzy
Lots of photos of mine in this thread Wim. Sorry , link no longer available

The brackets are tight but do more or less fit.

Thanks Rick, will see how it goes , otherwise the side panels will need to be in the boot for a few days 🙂

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The valances will all fit exactly the same. The wide rad is basically a copy of the Stanpart one fitted to the mk2 cars. My mk2 doesn't have the valances as they are knackered but they are the same, except the top profile of the carb side engine valance

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