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Carb Rebuild Kit


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I've been having a few issues with starting and idling my Spitfire 1500, took it to the garage and they said I'd need new throttle spindles. Got them fitted by the garage and now they say I could do with a Carburettor rebuilt kit to get it running much better as at the moment the car won't idle atall and always conks out when there's no throttle used, I've bought the rebuild kit and was wondering, as I already have new spindles in it, how easy it is to replace the other parts in the kit or does it have to be done by a garage?
Thanks James

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1344 wrote:
I'd do it myself. In fact I did !
Only take one apart so if you get stuck you can look at the other one to see how it all goes back together
Look around on here as there's loads of pictures of folk refurbing their carbs

I'm not really that mechanically minded but how long do you think I would be looking at to do it?

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Su's are pretty easy to rebuild yourself.

From what year is you spitfire  ?
As they used waxstat jets and throttle butterfly's with a extra valve in it for a few years.
Mine has it and it was a nightmare to get the car right, changed it all and now goes pretty well  :)

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I'm nearing the end of rebuilding a pair of HS4s (and doing a non-waxstat conversion on them). It's taken me ages but there are two reasons for that:
1) I went overboard and blast cleaned then polished the outside of various bits
2) I spent no time on it, constantly being distracted by all the much bigger things that car needs doing

I got the kits years back so can't remember where. It's a fairly simple job - just remember two things:
1) keep it all spotlessly clean (cleaning up the muck is the most important part of the job)
2) make a careful note of how it comes apart so that you can put it back together the same.

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I've just replaced the spindles and throttle discs on my carbs - as per most people's advice the bodies didn't need rebushing as the spindles had worn not the bodies.

All very easy and as someone said earlier do one at a time -it's made a world of difference to my car!

Good luck :)

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10312 wrote:
Just realised it's a Overhaul/Service kit I've got so I'll only be doing that then and see how that pans out. Hopefully that's all it needs. So Where can I get a Carb balancer?

I'll post a pic tomorrow when I give it a go at looking at them fully but I'm 95% sure it's not a waxstart.

I bought this type and there is one on ebay now with a 99p starting price and no bids.

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you dont have to have a balancer, get the throttle plates closed , turn idle screw to just touch the abutement,  then turn in both carbs equally 1 1/2 turns   this will mechanically put the plates in the same place , certainly close enough  to make a good runner

this is how they were set for factory installation before the days of gas flowed emmision settings of the 80's


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Not sure that's what you do to balance the carbs as both throttles are held together by the spindle. You first have to slacken the spindle clamps then set the throttles and when balanced tighten up the spindle clamps. I use this sort. Why not call the Area Organiser in your part of Kent and ask if anyone might be able to help?

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Go for the rebuild, really there is not much to it.

The vast bulk of the job is the stripping and cleaning. The SU's don't have much in the way of gaskets etc internally, basically new jets, possibly needles and gasket for the float chamber? You say you have already done the throttle spindles, so that is the bulk of the work done!!

When I did mine I picked up a cheap jewellery ultrasonic tank (from Lidl/Aldi, can't remember which), and put all the parts through that. Took quite a while, and I had to redo most of multiple times (a bigger ultrasonic would have been better) but it did the job over 2 or 3 days.
I then bought a metal polishing kit from Halfords that fitted on a drill and polished the dashpots.

Pretty cheap, and looked pretty good as well!!



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I had a Gunson one like Benny, but after a while it sticks & didn't find it easy to use ..

So got this, my friend has the same ones and works good  :)
(only could find a listing in the USA)

The one like Don Cook shows is also a good one, but more expensive  :)

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