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Accommodation Details


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Hi all

Just a quick note to let you know you should now be in receipt of an e-mail regarding the accommodation details. If there are any problems, contact either myself or Paul Darbyshire who is looking after the bookings (nice one Paul). ;)



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I.T. PROBS!!! Can people wishing to make bookings for the hotels please either PM me or use paul@heatapps.com e-mail address. Personal e-mail seems to be paggered at the moment (what a time to fail  :()

If you have e-mailed me already could you please send again to the above address and I will confirm reciept within 24 hrs.

Thanks all, Paul

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Paul, Car 12

One twin room at the Ibis
One twin room, type B at Rolduc

I am off to India for three week on Monday so if you can confirm and let me know final price I'll send a cheque before I disappear.

Thanks for sorting out some good deals.

I have emailed and PM'd as well as this post, a wide spread shotgun approach :-)

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Paul - your email is fubar mate :-(

This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:<br /><br />Your message was not delivered because the destination computer was not found.  <br />Carefully check that it was spelled correctly and try sending it again if there were any mistakes.<br /><br />It is also possible that a network problem caused this situation, so if you are sure the address is <br />correct you might want to try to send it again.  <br />If the problem continues, contact your friendly system administrator.<br /><br />     Host heatapps.co not found.<br /><br />The following recipients did not receive this message:<br /><br />     <paul@heatapps.co><br />

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just in case the email is still playing up....

TWIN rooms at Beziers, France and a TWIN room at Rolduc
for myself and Libby (entree num 39).
Really dont want to share a double bed with Libby, my daughter.......!!
Let me know how much and i will send off cheque.


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Email sent yesterday
E mail to heatapps sent today
Personal message sent after
Carrier pigeon being fed tonight ready for tomorrows flight
Pony express is half way across the moors
an aboriginee tracker , carving the message on his digeridoo as he hot foots it to you

God bless broadband

Numbers 36 and 37  for two hotels 2 x twins


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Paul - emailed and PM at 08:45 on the 12th and again this morning to both email addresses.

Car no 3, Mike Banks & Tristan Banks,

At Beziers - Ibis twin room at 40 Euros please.
At Rolduc twin type A at 76 Euros please.
As soon as confirmed, I will send the cheque for both to Ellis.


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Since Emails seem to vansishing into the void, please book the following for me:-

1) Beziers, France - 1 Twin room

2) Rolduc, Kerkrade, Netherlands - 1 twin room with en-suiteis a

I will post my cheque directly you confirm the amount.

Many thanks

Howard Brissenden

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Ellis, Dave, Paul and anyone else.  Got the rate for the 2 nights for the crew of 3 and the 2 rooms each night to share with anouther crew of 3.  Money sent to Ellis.  Car 18 is all set, I hope.   Everyone sent EMail and PM.  Now to see who else is the crew of 3 and draw straws as to who be with who?

Entry # 18 Team DollyRoo 2
Ashley Mills - Peter Wenzel - Bill Goodwin

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Dunno if PM's or emails are getting through or if your just busy Paul but I'm getting worried no replies to emails or PM's :o

So here it is again ;)

I know your very busy Paul  but can you just send a quick message along the lines of,

"bugger orf geordie I got it the first time"

just so I know you have received the message!!!

Quoted Text
At least your cooking is better than your IT skills

A quick copy of the email you won't have got

Hi Paul.

Steve here from the P&P, Please can you book or help me out with my rooms.

Beziers in France a 40 euro twin room please

Rolduc, Room Type A with EnSuite at 76 Euros.

Please let me Know how I can pay you and then I can relax a bit.

Oh and bribery always helps...................................................................I'll get a couple of beers in on La Carrera.



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