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Anyone know of a good reconditioned engine supplier


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If the bearings are only 'on their way out' ie not down to the steel backing the crank should be ok. I read that the six cylinder crank (probably the same for the 4 pot as well) can do very high milages without regrinding by changing big ends every 40k and mains every 70k and that fits in with what Ive found on my own car. The trick is to catch it before the dreaded death rattle/rumble sets in....

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Quoted from McJim Too-

Anyone have any good recommendations for a supplier of a reconditioned 1500 engine for a Spitfire? Mine became a bit poorly on the RBRR. My current engine will probably not be fit to be reconditioned.

I have a good 1500  engine out of a Midget, very sound had it in my Spitfire while rebuilding my own engine, doesn't use oil water etc. I am near Lincoln

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