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RBRR 2023 entry

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Has a decision been taken on the date for the RBRR in 2023 yet? I'm hoping to do the German GT6 weekend which is around the same time so it would be useful to know. The German GT6 weekend date hasn't been confirmed yet but is going to be either 22nd to 24th September, or 29th September to 1st October or 7th to 9th October and I'm suspecting one of the last two dates will be the RBRR.

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On 31/08/2022 at 21:37, Tim Bancroft said:

We are also hoping to offer places at a cheaper rate than 2021...Club Triumph, the Club that likes to give back!

Tim that's excellent news, with everything going up in price it makes a welcome change.... I  only managed 40 miles last time do I get an extra discount 😉 ?

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On 26/09/2022 at 11:25, Tim Bancroft said:

Hi Andy,


The RBRR will be the first full weekend of October 2023, therefore Friday 06/10 to Sunday 08/10.

Hope that you can do both weekends.

Admin on the event has now started, as seems the way, the next year will go very quickly, so see you at the start!



Decision taken, I'll just do the RBRR and the Nappy Cack Yellow GT6 will be making a comeback this time.


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