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2012 was our second RBRR, I have told Dad that the RBRR team will be me, him and a n other, until such time that he says I have had enough now thanks.
It got me thinking of Driver's ages, my Dad was 66 last April, he will be well on his way to 69 by the next RBBR in 2014. So do we have any stats on ages of Driver's competeing or having taken part in the past?
I know how I feel at the end of the event and I'm a mere 43.
Is it time the award for successful older participants was a nice cocoa mug? ;)

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I will be 67 in three weeks time and can honestly say that I felt just as good at the end of my 19th RBRR as I did after the first as a spring chicken of 29. I don't mind admitting that I had a good ten hours sleep on the Sunday night but tiredness during the actual run wasn't an issue.


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You actually had to stop for a wee?

Your future RBRR and 10CR 'troubles' are over!
End aching bladder misery
Invest now in a [face=Times]TRAVEL JOHN  !!!!!!!*******!!!!!!!![/face]

(NO relation)

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