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steering wheel sizes


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i have been searching through old threads and seen all your lovely steering wheels, am i right in saying 13 or 14 inch is right for the spitfire?

but what i couldnt find is anyone with a stag or dolly wheel is this because the boss is wrong or because the wheel is too big and you cant get in the seat?

i like the look of a bigger wheel

james  :)

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Re:size - just bought a 13" flat Moto Lita on EBay for my Mk3 Spitfire (thought it was dished) description didn't say.........anyhow having gone from the larger original wheel it's transformed the car, steering is not too heavy at slow speeds as I thought / was led to believe, can reach column switches easier than before, even the overdrive one. Much better than the larger wheel, and I'm around 6ft.

Can't comment on the Stag/Dolly as I don't know what Mk your Spit is, but even if splines were same I'd say they would be far too big or a Spitfire.



Ps My Moto Lita was only £20 inc shipping! ;D

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You can go down as low as 12" if you want to. It feels a bit like driving a car using a shirt button and it can feel a bit twitchy at first if you've got solid rack mounts and no slop in the steering but you get used to it! The steering also starts to get a bit heavier with a 12", especially if you've got sportier tyres.

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The originals ranged from 16" on early cars through 15" to 13" or just over for the later cars.

I have an original from 1977/78 which is about 13 1/2 o/d

did the boss change through the years eg if i buy a wheel for an early spit mines a 1500 could i make it fit?

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Different size/number of splines between Mk IV and later 1500 cars (ask me how I know).
I swapped my MK IV switchgear for the later 1500 stuff - a good idea. James is right about getting the horn on your stalk, if I may say so. Ahem.
The Stag wheel doesn't fit, the boss fitments are very different. (I've got one under the bench I bought from Ebay. Fail!)
The other wheel I've got I also bought on Ebay which is a Futura I think - looks like a Les Leston, doesn't fit either and will be on the wall in the house sometime soon when Memsahib's not looking.
I ended up with a 13" Mountney (it's not bad at all) and a boss from our mate Colin at NW Minis. Details are out there someplace on this site. Top bloke.
I'd like a Nardi please - and so should you. It's Bill (Rarebits) fault.
There's a photo of one somewhere hereabout, but I hate looking at it 'cos it upsets me!  :) :-/ :)
Search for "Nardi". It's a thread you may have seen, perhaps.

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Aaron - your steering wheel and boss aren't straight. I'm surprised no-one has pointed that out. :P
Laurence you're right, I got my boss from NW Minis as I said.  ;)
Yum yum Nardi:

...and then mine. All a bit monochrome and Mountney.

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JohnD wrote:
I actually tried this one.

There was a huge fad of people putting tiny steering wheels in all sorts of cars to make them more 'sporty' over here in around the mid-1980s.
I wonder what became of all those toy steering wheels, probably all crushed with the cars that were whittled & hacked past practicality or attractiveness.

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13.5" (350mm) 'V6' Momo wheel on mine, something a bit different and some bling for you smiffy..!

Boss off a late Classic Mini, had to slide the column down and modify the cowlings, i couldnt find a 'proper'spitfire momo boss so had a tinker.


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