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What is the best modification you have made to your car?

Martins Stag

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Spitfire 1500:
#1 by a country mile - "cheap" points replacement electronic ignition. 

I've had the Spitfire 10 years and for 9 years it's been running electronic ignition - same set. I fitted them after a 2 month old set of new points/condensor failed and left me stranded at the roadside. 

#2 Overdrive

#3 Wide radiator

Dolomite 1850:
#1 Uprated "Sprint" radiator - steady temp no matter what the ambient or how it's driven. 

#2 MGTF front seats - as an early Dolomite the front seats are comfy, but low back and don't offer enough support on long trips.

(Dolomite also has electronic ignition, but I didn't fit that)

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That's very easy.

(1) Replace original flat door mirror, which are totally useless, with convex ones for safe

(2) Replace original steel wheels with MGF wheels. Not for purists, but they get rid of the annoying 60mph vibrations that all TR7 suffer from and they do wonders for the handling.

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Since getting my Spitfire 1500 I have fitted all the modifications fitted by Sam and totally agree they all make a huge difference to driveability.   In addition we also replaced the sound factory original and well fitting but leaky vinyl soft top with a mohair one.  We fitted it ourselves over a hot and sunny but stressful weekend.   Really worth the effort as it is much more comfortable and leakproof even whilst driving in torrential rain.

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I've fitted a Rover 3.9L engine to my Stag with a ZF 4HP22 auto box. It makes it a lovely cruiser, effortless power. I've fitted an Facet fuel pump and 123 electric ignition. 

I like the idea of the Fiat Coupe seats. Being a bit further back would make a big difference. 

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Oh, where do I start?

On a pretty std car, overdrive is a great addition. 

But I like my modifications in a package, so my spitfire with the Ford engine/box, scooby diff and CV rotoflex is rather good and abart from minor niggles (Alternator bracket failing, prop UJ and a wiring issue) has been pretty bombproof. Goes nicely, pretty economical too. 

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Dave L I have fitted Hyundai Scope Seats to my Stag and the issue is as you move them further back they come into contact with the Seat belt top mount on the B Pilar. So be careful you don't get anything too wide at the top? The alternative i have considered is removing the raised channels on the floorpan so they sit lower but then you can't go back to the original seats... 

They are very good but not perfect.... 

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On my daily in use Spit 1500 (only done 220.000miles 😅 ) i've done the next.

-Electronic ignition, never failed me in 9 years of daily driving.

-Modern fuse box upgrade.

-Intermittend wiper kit.

-Fitted a relay in the OD wiring (switch now lasting for +5 years) and warning light.

-Superflex bushes (modern repro rubber ones lasted a year on mine..)

-Halogen headlights with relays

-Wide radiator + going from viscous to fixed fan.

-Brakes, I use Mintex M1144 with standard discs, works very fell for me.

-Engine side.. mk3 profile cam, much more fun to daily drive now.

-Overdrive, my Spit came with if from factory.

Etc.. 😅

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1 hour ago, Velocita Rosso said:

Not needed with the right pads....Neither Stelvio,Umbrail,S gotthard Etc etc etc

I might disagree with that. On a fast/hard driven car with good power vented discs are a great idea. I would not be without them on my car.

But agreed, most are fine with "proper" quality pads. 

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Best mods, 3 for each of my cars:

GT6 mk2

1. Heat insulation to gearbox cover

2. Tuned engine with lightened and balanced flywheel and crankshaft

3. Koni shock absorbers and 475lb front springs

2.5Pi Mk 1

1. Louvred alloy bonnet and door skins

2. Shacktune suspension kit

3. Stag brakes


1. Tuned engine with lightened and balanced flywheel and crankshaft

2. Uprates springs and Koni shock absorbers

3. MX5 seats


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